Discover how our hand poses organize and support a more aligned and powerful body posture while exploring the precision of Duncan’s “Micro Flow”, which increases awareness of correct vinyasa and incremental movement in a comprehensive way. This workshop will focus on applying powerful hand mudras to support every pose from down dog to handstand as well as preventative warm-up and therapeutic recovery sequences that support our wrists and shoulders.

Duncan Wong grew up studying with legendary American teachers in San Francisco during the 1980's and 1990's when Vinyasa was born from the Ashtanga and Iyengar lineages. He studied intensively with Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and went on to New York City to become a world-class teacher during the 1990's and early 2000's. He pioneered a Warrior Yoga (Vira Vinyasa) style that emphasizes intelligent stance awareness, creative modifications of challenging poses, therapeutic adjustments and hand mudras. He currently resides in Kyoto, Japan and has lived in Asia for the past decade.


Email info@gatherencinitas.com to reserve your spot.




Thursday, March 22nd, 6-8 pm

Meet some new faces, have a few conversations and a drink with us in this sweet little space.

PRICING: $2 donation for wine


yoga avant-garde

Contemporary immersion for modern times

saturdays 1-6 pm and sundays 1-4 pm

March 24th, 25th, APRIL 21st, 22nd, may 19th, 20th

This immersion is for anyone interested in applicable practices and resources to better manage your lives and relationships. Yoga shared from a place of experience rather than only classic textbook, incorporating tools to steward your own healing and mental health domain. Modern Yoga for a Modern Life with just the right amount of heart and mind work.

Curriculum: Buddhist Practices, Science of Meditation, Modern Asana, Sacred Geometry, Resistance Work, Anatomy, Breath Philosophy, Physiology and Practice, Sacred Activism, Disciplining the Intrinsic Artist, Self Inquiry, Journaling, Discussion Panels, Philosophy, Zen Koans, Trauma work, Buddhist Psychology, Karma Yoga.

PRICING: Individual weekends for $325

Email Lauren@gatherencinitas.com to register or for more information about this training.



Birthing a New Paradigm of Healing

Friday, April 6th, 6-8 pm

Kimberly will be giving a talk on the future of women’s health, birth and postpartum. She is bridging the worlds of birth, sex and trauma, and bringing these conversations into the mainstream.

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a sexological bodyworker, somatic experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, birth doula and single mom. She specializes in helping women prepare for birth, recover from birth injuries and birth trauma, and heal from sexual trauma. She is the founder of Magamama.com, an international holistic women’s health care resource for expectant and new mothers. She is the co-founder of the STREAM School for Postpartum Care, where she trains birth professionals, yoga teachers, somatic therapists, and bodyworkers to help women prepare for birth and recover from birth. She is the author of The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions and Restoring Your Vitality, published by Shambhala Press in December 2017.


Email info@gatherencinitas.com to reserve your spot.

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YOGA, EXPRESS, WRITe with author amy wallen & lauren duke

Saturday, April 14th, 1-6 pm

Whether you’ve never written before or have written your whole life, this workshop will explore how to jump heart first onto the page by pushing new boundaries and new directions. With pen and paper a whole world can open up. Through writing prompts, your creative juices will be piqued. No need to worry about editing or critique—this is about putting your soul and imagination on the page whether fiction, nonfiction or stream of consciousness. Whether rants, poems or prose, come let the words bleed onto the page. Come join us and write your fucking heart out!

Amy Wallen, MFA, is the author of When We Were Ghouls: A Memoir In Ghost Stories (University of Nebraska, American Lives, edited by Tobias Wolff Feb 2018) and the bestselling novel Moonpies And Movie Stars (Penguin 2007). She is the associate director of the New York State Summer Writers Institute and the founder of DimeStories. She facilitates the 200-page manuscript workshop with pie in her home twice a year.


Email Lauren@gatherencinitas.com to reserve your spot.



saturday, may 5th, june 9th, july 14th, 1-5 PM 

Offered on three dates, this workshop will dive into the fundamentals of the Wim Hof Method (WHM) with one of the few U.S. certified instructors. These principle techniques were developed in nature by “The Iceman” himself, Wim Hof, which he has used for over 30 years to find peace, control his mind and achieve an unprecedented level of human performance.

For four hours, you will get hands-on training with Breathing Exercises, Cold Exposure, and Mindset/Focus--the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method. This will include a light lecture that introduces the science behind the method, how it is affecting your mind and body, and how you can use the method to your advantage. In addition, you will be moving, breathing and getting into the ice, all while having a lot of fun.

After the workshop, you will be equipped with a new set of tools, training and knowledge to upgrade your daily life. As Wim says, we all have the innate ability to be Healthy, Strong and Happy. By combining the three pillars, you will unlock a wide range of benefits including: Reduced stress, increased energy, better sleep, sharpened focus and determination, increased creativity, boosted metabolism, decreased inflammation, improved sports performance and more...

Reis Paluso is a husband, father of two young girls, an owner of two start-up businesses and a surfer. He found himself searching for a way to maintain balance in life and by making a mind-body connection through the Wim Hof Method, he began on a journey of unlocking his true potential and found the capacity to dig much deeper into the things he is passionate about. He followed his heart down the path of becoming a Certified Instructor in order to share these powerful tools with the world. Reis hosts workshops, private trainings and retreats, and is based out of San Diego, California.

PRICING: $100 per student, space is limited to 12 students

Email info@gatherencinitas.com to reserve your spot. 



July 1-7 in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Join Lauren Duke and Luke Wientzen for six nights at Casa Marbella, daily brunch, four dinners, daily meditation, daily breath work, daily asana practice, two secret adventures, endless naps, insightful conversation, hammock swinging... just be. yes. please. 


1. Single private room with private bath
2. Single private room in two room apartment (shared bath)
3. Single private room in three room condo (shared bath)
4. Shared room/shared bathroom (inquire about specific pricing for shared room)

PRICING: $1600 - $1950

Email Lauren@gatherencinitas.com to reserve your spot.