community cooperative



We are a Cooperative effort by a group of people coming together with the common interest of yoga and community. Every teacher pays rent to use the space and is 100% responsible for the growth of their own individual brand and the studio as a whole. This means that you pay the teacher directly and everything they make, they go home with. This is the only model in the yoga world that supports the teacher in a way where they can actually make a living rather than a struggle. Please honor the work your teacher does. Pay them a respectful amount for what they offer. This sort of work is indispensable. 

Sliding Scale Payment

Gather operates on a sliding scale payment system. All classes are a required payment of somewhere between $10-20 per person, per class. Cash / Check / Venmo preferred. You decide and dictate what's fair for you and for the teacher. 

We believe in honesty and trust in the honor system. Please put your money in the box after class and take correct change as needed. If you would like to purchase Gather merchandise, please have the teacher assist in that transaction. 

Our vision is to offer our services in a way that feels accessible and sustainable for all people. This isn't a "corporate, get rich" model. This is the "community" model and scaled for the average, honest man.