SATURDAY, JAN 26TH, 6:30-9:30 PM

We live in a new era of self-definition as women. Arousal is life force potential and erotic energy. Many of us have developed a connection to spirit through yoga and meditation, but most of us have separated our womanhood, our sexual identity and our soul path from our spiritual practice. A sacred sexuality salon is a centering of the female sexual experience. The power of erotic energy takes us into the world of the unconscious--where important soul information lives and shows itself.

What does a sexuality that honors the feminine look like? This salon is a lived experience. Rather than just talking about it, theorizing about it and imagining it—all who gather will witness an experience of the female arousal trajectory and practice embodied consent. 

In this intimate three hour experience, all participants will remain clothed and there will be no genital touch. There will be trauma-informed guides to support. This workshop is for women who are interested in investigating and dismantling their own sexual scripts as a lived experience. This workshop is not for women who have extensive sexual trauma and have not yet sought support.

Kimberly Johnson is a sexological bodyworker, somatic experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, birth doula and postpartum care revolutionary. She specializes in helping women hands-on prepare for birth, recover from birth injuries and gynecological trauma, and heal from sexual trauma. To learn more, go to 

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