Our Teachers

As a cooperative model, our teachers are the heartbeat of who we are.


lauren duke

Lauren uses the wisdom from many traditions to teach people how to pay attention. Her application of alignment based vinyasa yoga is geared towards mindfulness and mental health. 

Venmo: @ Lauren-Duke-1



With a deep bow to the “Old Guard,” a fearless leap into the “Avante Guard” and drawing on a lifetime of studying music, Josh creates classes that at once honor the tradition of yoga and also the brilliance and vitality of our own time.

Venmo:  @Joshua-Vincent-11


rachel leshaw

Rachel was introduced to yoga by a college friend and became hooked to the noncompetitive, nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Venmo: @ Rachel-Leshaw

luke wientzen

Luke has been practicing since 2003 and draws from his own experiences and creativity to offer a dynamic blend of pranayama breathwork, potent asanas, and mindful meditation interwoven into a unique and heartfelt yoga practice.

Venmo: @ Raoul-Wientzen

karen wiggins

Karen’s creates a welcoming, relaxed space, and interweaves bits of yogic and life philosophy, with asana to make the practice more applicable to our daily lives off the mat.

Venmo: @ Karen-Wiggins-Yoga

juliana bruni

Juliana is known for her dynamic and creative sequencing, clear and precise alignment instruction and down-to-earth approach to bringing yogic philosophy to life on and off the mat. She is dedicated to uplifting and empowering her clients and students by cultivating a safe space for true transformation.

annmarie torrez

When attending Annemarie’s classes, you will experience a musical journey as she guides you through a flow of a strong Vinyasa style.

Venmo: @ Annmarieee

danielle mccallum

Danielle has been practicing yoga for 13 years and received her 200 hour teacher certification from Sky Ting Yoga in New York City.  Her approach to yoga is light and practical, employing the imagination and a focus on the architecture of the poses in order to create energy, a feeling of spaciousness, and a heightened awareness of the body/mind and its potential.  

Venmo: @ Dmccallum7

Kristen Van Hoesen

Kristen Van Hoesen is a mover, a shaker, a lover, a steward of the Earth, and a Yogini. She believes in the power of Yoga to transform and inspire positive life change and calls upon her own practice and spiritual journey to bring compassion and balance to her classes. Kristen's intention is to embody and open heart and mind, which is evident in the soulfulness of her classes; they incorporate elements of movement, breath, music, freedom and connection to the heart. 

Venmo: @ Kristen-VanHoesen


Agatha w borrelli

Agatha Wasilewska Borrelli  is a long time yogini who found her way to CA by way of NYC, where she taught at Om Yoga and various other studios for 10 years.  Her classes ride the rhythm of the breath to find strength in both body and mind with careful attention to alignment.

Venmo: @AgathaW

aubrey hackman

Aubrey’s classes range from rigorous, alignment based vinyasa, to therapeutic restoratives created for special needs.

Venmo: @ Aubrey-Hackman

morgan macbasey

Morgan’s love for travel has allowed her to study, practice and teach yoga all over the world. She did her 200hr teacher training at Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Most recently, Morgan completed the 300hr Jivamukti Teacher Training in India after spending a year learning about the method at Jivamukti Center in Sydney, Australia.

Venmo: @Morgan-MacBaisey

ashley llano

Ashley is known for having a gentle heart. She is easy to be around and her intention is to offer a practice where people feel supported, calm and safe.

Venmo: @ Ashley-Llano-1

lauren gaglione

Lauren loves teaching yoga to beginners, pregnant women, and anyone who wants to feel better in their body and mind.

Venmo: @ Lauren-Gaglione

alana bray barry

Alana discovered yoga 12 years ago while attending University of California at Santa Cruz. Yoga made a powerful shift in Alanaʼs life, and quickly it became her passion as well as her platform for continuous self study and evolution.

Venmo: @ AlanaBray



Cheyenne Giesecke

Cheyenne is both a local and international yoga instructor who is known for guiding her students through creative, fun, and challenging vinyasa-flow classes. Creating a class environment that encourages and supports living yoga, rather than simply practicing asana, is what is most important to Cheyenne. 

Venmo: @ Chey_Gies


natalie skillern

Natalie' s passion for teaching yoga is based on alignment, strong foundation and framework while integrating body mechanics and body awareness. The style of her classes vary but always offer a sense sweetness and full-body integration.

Venmo: @ Natalie_Skillern

arielle rabier

Arielle Rabier is on a mission to inspire the world to be fully expressed. Life’s too short to pretend to be anybody else.

Venmo: @ Arielle-Rabier

breeanne macouzet

Breeanne’s intention is to create a space where you can develop a conscious relationship with your body and mind using Yoga as a tool for learning how to listen, acknowledge, and respond to our bodies. Thus creating healthy patterns to transform our life into a more empowered, healthy lifestyle.

Venmo: @ Breeanne-Macouzet

shawna mcgrath

Come to Shawna’s weekly guided meditations and Moon Circles to find peace, calm and clarity.

holly rocha

Holly’s classes are geared toward developing and maintaining flexibility, strength, and mental clarity & awareness using Vinyasa flow and Anusara techniques. Believing strongly in the importance of a healthy physical and mental body, she invites all abilities and skill levels to her class.

Venmo: @ Holly-Rocha-Yoga

carole bloom

When Carole discovered yoga she knew it was a true calling, offering harmony, balance, and peace in life’s hectic and ever changing pace. She completed her teacher training in Encinitas through Light and Love Yoga in 2011. Her teaching focuses on alignment and is a blend of various styles resulting in balance and flow. She enjoys helping students learn, explore, grow, and have fun on their yoga journeys.

Venmo: @Carole-Bloom



Max's journey on the yoga mat started in 2013. A journey packed with transformation and change has revealed to him a beautiful way of life.  You'll leave Max's class fulfilled, at peace, and with a smile on your face.

Venmo @MaxFerris