a new home for yoga in encinitas


for community

GATHER ENCINITAS is the new home for the iconic Yoga + Project,  formerly on the grounds of Bergamot Spa. After years of needing more space, we have arrived. 

GATHER is a platform to come together and share thoughtful, alignment based yoga in Southern California. 

We built out a unique space in the hub of Encinitas / Leucadia with plenty of light, room and space to be yourself. A garden patio to mingle, exchange ideas and grow friendships.

We are more than just a yoga space, we are a container for TOGETHERNESS.



We are a vessel for self discovery. A unique place committed to sustaining the heart and soul of the artist.  A place where we can return to our humanity and humility. A home for our practices, prayers and rituals. A platform to breathe, stretch and reach for our sweetest Selves.  To Rewire and have meaningful conversations that inform and influence our lives.  A place to turn things around and remind ourselves who we really are. This is a refuge for all of us to come together, supported in community to thrive rather than survive.