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a modern home for yoga in encinitas


for community

We believe Yoga is a framework to live a healthy, happy and well-resourced existence. It's more than the posture work. We understand that to live well, we need a lot of tools, relationships and support behind us. It takes a village to Be + Well and we have created a community wellness hub with all the outlets to meet your mental and physical wellness needs. We believe in Yoga as a platform to foster community, education, inspiration and hope. We cannot do this life alone. We got you!

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We are a vessel for self discovery. A unique place committed to sustaining the heart and soul of the artist. A place where we can return to our humanity and humility. A home for our practices, prayers and rituals. A platform to breathe, stretch and reach for our sweetest selves. To re-wire and have meaningful conversations that inform and influence our lives. A place to turn things around and remind ourselves who we really are. This is a refuge for all of us to come together, supported in community to thrive rather than survive.