The Sunshine Room

Located on the Gather patio, the Sunshine Room is our little healing nook. We offer massage, energy work and Acupuncture in our light drenched space with three of our favorite humans and healers! Reach out to them individually to book a session! They are not to be missed! Catch a yoga or breath class while you are at it!


Massage with DEBI MOHAN

Debi offers intentional and integrated bodywork sessions, blending many styles of both massage and energy healing and draws upon her 20 years of experience, gratitude and deep respect for her craft. By moving deeper into the physical body we can release restrictions and tensions, and connect the body to its own innate wisdom to heal.

Every session is different, depending on the needs of the individual... therapeutic massage techniques may include: Deep, structural work. Tui Na. Craniosacral therapy. Reiki. Circulatory. Neuromuscular therapy. Sports massage. Prenatal. Raindrop technique. Oncology massage. Aromatherapy.

Call or text Debi at 858-361-0657 or email to schedule.



Grace is a fourth-generation acupuncturist with a passion for holistic healing. Her first memory is of tending to her mother's discomforts. She has a natural ability to help people find peace and embody optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

Grace is a Pacific College of Oriental Medicine graduate with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and studied Tui Na massage in China.

She uses a combination of acupuncture, aromatherapy, energy psychology, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), herbal medicine, CBD and Asian bodywork to help people heal and thrive.

Her specialties include: acute and chronic pain management, healing emotional issues, and women’s health (fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and menstrual-regulation treatments).

Call or text Grace at 760-456-7904 to book a session with her or visit for more



If you are feeling stuck in life, unable to move forward, or uncertain about which path to choose, you have found yourself in the right place for the right reasons.  

Rhea's birth as a healer has been a natural evolution of her life's work as an energetic artist. She believes healing work is an intuitive process connecting to a person's energetic flow.

Rhea approaches each session as she does art: with an inner mindful gaze, the session a living, breathing meditation and the belief in healing for Living Art | Art for Life. This means that Rhea uses healing tools - Reiki, Nutritional Insight, Crystal Facials, Sound Healing, Mind-Body Healing - to help a person draw good energy into their life, fill themselves with love, and find more beauty in every moment.

Visit for more info or to schedule a session.