Our Teachers

As a cooperative model, our teachers are the heartbeat of who we are.


lauren duke

Lauren uses the wisdom from many traditions to teach people how to pay attention. Her application of alignment based vinyasa yoga is geared towards mindfulness and mental health. 

Venmo: @ Lauren-Duke-1



With a deep bow to the “Old Guard,” a fearless leap into the “Avante Guard” and drawing on a lifetime of studying music, Josh creates classes that at once honor the tradition of yoga and also the brilliance and vitality of our own time.

Venmo: @ Joshua-Vincent-11


Leda Olmsted

Leda is passionate about empowering individuals in their bodies, through mindfulness, movement and connection. She encourages students to set aside the limitations of the mind and explore new possibilities from a place of self love and curiosity, and thus expand their ability to adapt to ever changes circumstances in life. 

Venmo: @ Leda-Olmsted

Rachel Leshaw_GatherOCT_2017_34.jpg

rachel leshaw

Rachel was introduced to yoga by a college friend and became hooked to the non-competitive, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Venmo: @ Rachel-Leshaw


luke wientzen

Luke has been practicing since 2003 and draws from his own experiences and creativity to offer a dynamic blend of pranayama breathwork, potent asanas, and mindful meditation interwoven into a unique and heartfelt yoga practice.

Venmo: @ Raoul-Wientzen

Karen Wiggins_ Gather_October_Karen04.jpg

karen wiggins

Karen creates a welcoming, relaxed space and interweaves bits of yogic and life philosophy with asana to make the practice more applicable to our daily lives off the mat.

Venmo: @ Karen-Wiggins-Yoga

Juliana B_GatherOCT_2017_112.jpg

juliana bruni

Juliana is known for her creative and dynamic sequencing, clear and precise alignment instruction, and down-to-earth approach to bringing yogic philosophy to life on and off the mat. She is dedicated to uplifting and empowering her students by cultivating a safe space for true transformation.

Venmo: @ Juliana-Bruni

Kristen Van Hoesen

Kristen Van Hoesen is a mover, a shaker, a lover, a steward of the earth and a Yogini. She believes in the power of yoga to transform and inspire positive life change, and calls upon her own practice and spiritual journey to bring compassion and balance to her classes. Kristen's intention is to embody an open heart and mind, which is evident in the soulfulness of her classes; they incorporate movement, breath, music, freedom and connection to the heart. 

Venmo: @ Kristen-VanHoesen


Kate Hohenstein

As a firm believer that an intentional yoga practice is the gateway to an intentional life, Kate’s classes are centered around mindfulness on the mat and inspire students to carry this expanded awareness into their daily lives.

Venmo: @ Kate-Hohenstein


Chloe Rock

With an intention to create a space for students to respect and love their body, Chloe creates a balanced class that includes tools for mental health that you can also take off the mat and into your life. She believes mindful yoga to be a gateway into accessing great authenticity in life.

Venmo: @ LaChloeRoca


aubrey hackman

Aubrey’s classes range from rigorous, alignment based vinyasa to therapeutic restoratives created for special needs.

Venmo: @ Aubrey-Hackman


ashley llano

Ashley is known for having a gentle heart. She is easy to be around and her intention is to offer a practice where people feel safe, supported and calm.

Venmo: @ Ashley-Llano-1

Lauren Gaglione_GatherOCT_2017_22.jpg

lauren gaglione

Lauren loves teaching yoga to beginners, pregnant women, and anyone who wants to feel better in their body and mind.

Venmo: @ Lauren-Gaglione


Jack Greene

Jack Greene is a holistic healer and yoga educator who lovingly infuses his classes with knowledge from 500+ hours of yoga training, 1100 hours of study in massage and holistics, wisdom from his life experiences, and steady attention to the breath. After practicing Hatha yoga for 12 years, Jack says yoga has taught him that what he had been looking for most of his life was actually inside of him the whole time.

Venmo: @ Jack-Greene


Daniella DeVarney

Teaching yoga since 2001, Daniella creates a dynamic class experience infusing several types of yoga, breath and movement traditions. She uses music and movement together as a vehicle for transformation and healing. For more info: www.daniellayoga.com

Venmo: @ Ddevarney


Reis Paluso

From summiting mountains in sub-zero temperatures wearing only shorts to better handling the daily stress of being a father and owning two start-up businesses, breathwork has been the catalyst for Reis to find his inner strength and hone in on his passions. By studying with some of the leaders in the field like Wim Hof, Dan Brule and Brian Mackenzie, Reis has uncovered progressive yet simple tools to help upgrade your life and make a deep mind-body connection.

Venmo: @ Reis-Paluso


Rita James

In 2009, Rita came to the path of yoga as so many yogis do—on the heels of a personal struggle and in search of a way to balance her spiritual and material life. What she found in her practice and teaching has led to not only a profound transformation in the way she views the world, but more importantly, she has learned the value in slowing down by creating a unique experience using restorative yoga as her platform to aid the nervous system in resetting itself. 

Venmo: @ Rita-James-5


Justin Ternes

Justin teaches an engaging and educational class that is much more than the asana. Yoga is the permission to give back to yourself in a safe environment. Teaching yoga gives Justin the opportunity to hold space for individuals and give permission for people to drop into a deep, safe and strong practice. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and human movement/mindfulness/breath enthusiast, Justin’s classes are full of education, connection and energy.

Venmo: @ Justin-Ternes

Katie Brauer.jpg

Katie Brauer

Called a “power house yogi and rising leader” by Forbes, Katie Brauer is an international yoga educator, high performance coach, personal transformation expert, and mentor at the intersection of yoga and entrepreneurship.

Venmo: @ KatieBrauer108

Aaron Klein.JPG

aaron klein

Born and raised in Leucadia with parents that are both swamis of the Kriya Yoga lineage, Aaron grew up immersed in yogic culture. In his early 20's, he traveled to Costa Rica to study under Don and Amba Stapleton at the Nosara Yoga Institute. His classes challenge you to explore the boundaries of your mind/body while listening intently to the feedback your body provides.

Venmo: @ Aaron-Klein

Monique Minahan GatherOCT_2017_178.jpg

monique minahan

Monique started practicing yoga in 2008, six years after her husband died, and credits the practice of yoga with taking her from surviving to thriving. She believes that everything is sacred and nothing is sacred, including yoga. This allowed her to step away from her roots in Anusara and Iyengar, and explore yoga biomechanics and movement science. This radically changed her practice and her teaching.

Venmo: @ MoMinahan 

Libby Headshot banner photo.jpeg

Libby Carstensen

Creating a strong container to hold change is the first step. Libby found Kundalini, the yoga of awareness, as the answer. In 2017 she studied with Kia Miller and completed Kia’s Radiant Body teaching program. Libby is also studying Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan at the Kundalini Research Institute. Her classes bring the yoga of awareness as a catalyst to remove inner barriers as we increase our own radiance. It’s perfect for beginners and anyone wanting to tap into their own inner lighthouse. You’ll be challenged, you’ll find strength you didn’t even know you had, and you’ll find your ability to navigate life improves.

Venmo: @ Libby-Carstensen


anne kay

Anne’s mindful movement journey began over 20 years ago in a small Ashtanga studio in Colorado, leading her to a 200 hour prana flow training with Shiva Rea and the Samudra School of Global Movement in 2010. Her practice, both physical and spiritual, has been an anchor for her throughout the rollercoaster of life. Introduced to pilates six years ago, Anne discovered a new way to explore and deepen her asana practice.

Venmo: @ AnnieKay

Traci McKnight-0028.jpg

Traci Mcknight

Traci's yoga journey began in 2009 after a lifelong career in dance had left her body injured and ill-informed. She went to her first class by the suggestion of a co-worker and instantly fell in love. Yoga had offered a view and approach to taking care that dance hadn’t-- to use movement as a modality of healing was radical and transformational.

Venmo: @ TraciMcknight


Adlai Wakeman

Adlai is a 200hr E-RYT yoga instructor with a background in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. She is committed to a life long journey of healing through the power of breath, movement and mantra. Her integrative approach to teaching includes a combination of various Hatha, Vinyasa and Meditation techniques.

Venmo: @ Adlai-Wakeman


Sean Keany

Encouraging the growth of the physical and spiritual self, Sean discovered his love for yoga and meditation just out of high school as a way to release and unify the soul and the body. His classes create and hold a space to find a path back to your centered true self. His father introduced the practice to him at a young age with the simple mantra of, “a limber back means a long and healthy life.” Always coming back to the mat where asana, meditation and alignment through the body and chakras rebalance and realign, grounding the roots while uplifting the soul.

Venmo: @ SeanKeany