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Josh’s path to the mat came through his love of music. Josh began his study of mind, body and spirit as a musician, studying classical operatic technique. Upon completion of a Master of Music degree from the University of Indiana in 2001, Josh moved to Chicago to join the chorus of both the Lyric Opera of Chicago and Chicago Symphony. In Chicago, Josh devoted himself to a disciplined study of Ashtanga Yoga with Jodi Blumstein, Quinn Kearney and Tom Quinn. At first, yoga was simply a welcome relief from the relentless drive for perfection demanded during his study of opera.

Soon thereafter, it became clear that the beauty and awakening of spirit Josh felt in his yoga practice was something he wanted to share. Since then Josh has studied in-depth with senior Ashtanga teachers such as Richard Freeman and Tim Miller, and senior Iyengar teachers such as Gabriel Halpurn and Aadil Palkhivala. With a deep bow to the “Old Guard,” a fearless leap into the “Avante Guard” and drawing on a lifetime of studying music, Josh creates classes that at once honor the tradition of yoga and also the brilliance and vitality of our own time.