Kate Hohenstein

As a firm believer that an intentional yoga practice is the gateway to an intentional life, Kate’s classes are centered around mindfulness on the mat and inspire students to carry this expanded awareness into their daily lives. Teaching with openness, warmth, playfulness, and intuition, her classes provide a safe space for students to explore and connect with their mind, body, breath and soul. In addition to yoga, Kate enjoys being in nature as much as possible. In the ocean and on the side of a mountain is where Kate connects most with her practice. She loves exploring stillness within movement and movement within stillness. Her love for exploration and inquisition has taken her all around the world, including places like Bali, Zanzibar, Brazil and Australia, and she brings insights from her travels to her teachings. Kate is committed to her student’s personal growth. She is eager to cultivate meaningful relationships, communicate with authenticity, and share the immense beauty of the human experience.

Venmo: @ Kate-Hohenstein