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Traci Mcknight

Traci's yoga journey began in 2009 after a lifelong career in dance had left her body injured and ill-informed. She went to her first class by the suggestion of a co-worker and instantly fell in love.

Yoga had offered a view and approach to taking care that dance hadn’t-- to use movement as a modality of healing was radical and transformational. With consistent practice, Traci was able to begin dancing again with tenacity and has since danced professionally and taught dance to young people in a way that promotes mindfulness and longevity. The past nine years have filled her with wonder, awe, deep respect and reverence for the system of yoga. Traci is a yoga teacher- but really she considers herself an eager student who loves to share what she learns.

She believes it is her duty to take in as much as she can in her own studies and apply it well, so that she may be a more useful and valuable guide to her students. Her practice is fueled by the study of yogic and eastern philosophy, embodiment through movement, sitting meditation, and non-compartmentalization of the practice from our daily lives. She strives to encourage her students to live with awareness, clarity, integrity, vibrancy, and fullness and shapes each practice she teaches to meet the needs of those in class.

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