Lauren Duke

Lauren’s classes are deep and sweet and sensitive- all at once. She crafts her teachings and Yoga education around wellness and mental health.

For her, Yoga is right here, right now and her teachings are a reflection of whatever feels relevant for the times. She caters to all levels, encourages intelligent curiosity and believes first and foremost that yoga is a concentration and attention practice. 

She’s is known to be raw and is profoundly influenced by Buddhism, somatic experiencing, psychology, functional movement, asana and pilates. She believes a sense of humor is mandatory and that Yoga is a life and a never ending conversation, not just an hour of weird movements and loud breathing.

Expect a few swear words, some fun and uncomfortable moments but to always come out feeling better and more loving than when you walked in. You won’t ever experience another class quite like hers and you’re guaranteed to meet new friends by the time you leave the building. She has a special way of bringing people together.